We believe in working from a space of empathy, respect, and trust above all else. These are the cornerstones that allow us to serve you in the way you deserve during this special slice in time.

We always work with an open mind, an unwavering commitment to creativity, and a deep desire to unearth and understand the moments that define your story. And we do our absolute best work when the couples we serve trust us with their vision and believe wholeheartedly in our expertise.

When all of that magic aligns—a deep understanding of your vision and the trust we need to bring it to life—the end result is an extraordinary event that doesn’t just look like you, but exudes your energy at every touch-point.

Where trust goes, all good things follow.

If you’re ready for a planning partnership that’s rooted in mutual understanding and respect, welcome, friend—you’ve happened upon the right place. And we’re so happy you’re here.

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"If you are looking for expertise when it comes to planning a party or social gathering of any kind – Katharine is your person." 

Katharine is a true creative who will work tirelessly to make your event dreams come true. She prioritized the small details and ensured that no detail went overlooked. Throughout our wedding, she made my husband and I feel so special – ensuring that we were fed and having fun from start to finish. She handled it all with ease and kept everyone on the same page at all times. If you are looking for expertise when it comes to planning a party or social gathering of any kind – Katharine is your person. 

Anna & Patrick BLIZNIAK 



Meet Katharine

A New York Wedding Planner with an Eye for Aesthetics and a Soft Spot for the Small Stuff

I tend to think I happened upon this industry—but, looking back, it’s clear I was meant to end up here. With a mother who was the ultimate host—a deep appreciation, not just for gatherings, but for the emotions they could evoke in people, was instilled in me from a young age. 

My approach to events is centered around the notion that weddings are not just a pretty party but, rather, an opportunity to create emotional experiences. Whether you’re dreaming of something understated and intimate or unapologetically grand—I focus on thoughtful design and am constantly on the hunt for ways to add depth, dimension, and high-touch experiences to your affair.

My decade-long tenure in the hospitality industry, experience in the marketing & communications world, and educational background in business administration allow me to take a comprehensive approach to event planning and production. I always strive to bring a high level of trust, expertise, and comfort to the process. Because, above all, I believe you should feel confident, relaxed, and present on your wedding-day.


At the end of the day, you deserve an event that stirs the kind of emotions you and yours will remember—and rave about—for a lifetime to come.

We believe in the power of intimate moments and unexpected details. 

meet the team

From a bride taking a moment to breathe before she walks down the aisle to an arrangement made from flowers native to a couple’s hometown—we know it’s so often the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Whether through intentional design choices or white-glove service—we always seek out ways to make you feel seen, celebrated, and cherished. Because this moment in time is fleeting, and you deserve to savor every second of it.

Courtney Walsh

event planner

Erin Webster

event coordinator

Your celebration spreads love.

We happily donate 5% of all service fees to organizations that focus on the welfare of female-identifying individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, and mental health.

Unexpected design details

With work for brands ranging from IBM to the Buffalo Bills under my belt, in the rare moments I’m not styling a tablescape or tweaking a timeline—you can find me drooling over the latest Architectural Digest feature, visiting new distilleries, or shopping for interior-design items. I’m a firm believer that no space is complete without fresh flora (flowers or a lush houseplant will do)—and I once assembled an entire floral centerpiece when a florist neglected to deliver the proper amount for an event. 

Above all, I believe in the power of communication—and I see weddings as an opportunity to creatively communicate incredible stories through tangible, thoughtful, striking design details. 

 + incredible architecture 

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