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Why You Should Pick a Wedding Planner First



Your wedding day is one of the most momentous days in your life, so choosing a team to help you recreate that exact idea of your dream wedding can feel like an overwhelming task. Photographers, florists, entertainers; as they say, it takes a village. However, one trend I continue to notice is that wedding planners are often the last vendor picktruthfully, it pains me!

For the past few years, I would justify my disappointment saying things like “I understand, planners are a luxury” or “I get we’re not the most necessary team player.” But with time comes insight and wisdom (just call me Miyagi) and I’m here to say I no longer believe those to be true. So, I’m stepping up to vouch for not only myself but others alike as to why you should pick a wedding planner first.

A young female wedding planner setting a table with tableware and silverware

Experienced Resource

Maybe you’ve had another close family member or friend plan a wedding allowing you to see some of the ins and outs. However, chances are even within your immediate network there’s minimal experience with planning an event of this scale. For a wedding planner, this is our day-to-day job so understanding how things should flow is second nature to us. Ask me a question and most likely I can provide you an answer faster than you can say “Hey Google/Alexa/Siri….” which ends up saving you time.

Budget Savers

“But planners are so expensiveeee.” Not only can we be a major time saver, but we can also save you some of that $cha-ching$. In fact, an experienced planner is able to skillfully recoup a large portion, if not all, of their service fee. This is a result of their pre-existing vendor relationships or their plain old knowing that “no, you don’t need the $3k forklift that the rental company added on for setup as their crew is perfectly capable of erecting the tent without it.” (Yup, true story of mine)

Even if you can’t afford full planning, if you hire a planner for wedding day management at the get go, often times we’re happy to answer any simple questions you may have leading up to the big day. If you need help that’s outside the scope of those services, it can come in the form of additional hourly rates.

Trusted Driver

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far and I still have to convince you why you need a planner I have one last closing argument. Say you’re a natural at the planning game and you’ve booked all your dream vendors having invested at least the national average of around $34kare you just going to just let go of the wheel on your wedding day and expect everything to go according to plan?

Whether you’re the couple, a parent, or a part of the bridal party you won’t want to be the one driving this whole thing on the actual day. Hand over the keys and enjoy being a passengerdo everything in your power to be present because it does go by so quickly. It’s the main reason I’ve centered my services around allowing you and yours to celebrate, sans inhibitions!

So please, when you’re lining up all your potential vendors, pick a wedding planner first because you best believe we’ll do whatever it takes in order to ensure that your entire vision all goes according to plan.

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